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Hot Plate Lab

Magnetic Stirrer (With hot plate) construction same as of above but fitted with hot plate regulated by sun Vic energy regulator.

Stack Sampler (SS - 104)

Monitoring of Stack and vent emissions is now becoming a routine requirement not only for large but the medium and small industrial units. There has also been a growing realization that gaseous pollutants, chemicals fume and fines mists are hazardous as particulate ashes and dusts.

Vertical Autoclave

Vertical autoclaves are also known as top loading sterilizers that come in cylindrical shape. These are widely used in hospitals, Operation Theater (OT), microbiology laboratory for sterilization of various medial and cultures. The working of vertical autoclave is simple to understand; to open, a radial locking mechanism is fitted at top of the lid; a foot lever (pedal) is attached at the bottom. User has to press the pedal and lift the lid.We make various types of vertical autoclave machines as per budget and intended use. Economy models come with powder coated MS exterior and stainless steel interior.

Our Deluxe models are double walled vertical autoclaves and made with inner and exterior both of stainless steel; while the Triple Walled models have another chamber and all three walls are made of thick gauge of stainless steel sheets. At Stericox, we make every vertical steam sterilizer following ASME guidelines in order to ensure that they are safe for users and samples.

VOC Analyzer

Product Description
The VOC module is a continuous sensor-based analyzer used to to detect volatile organic compounds in ambient air. The module is designed for use in the AQM 65 compact air monitoring station and the AQS 1 mini air quality station. The VOC analyzer module incorporates photo-ionization detector (PID) sensor technology. A long-life 10.6 eV deep UV lamp breaks VOCs down into positive and negative ions. The detector measures the current of the ionized gas and current is proportional to detectable VOCs.

In the AQM 65s super stable environment humidity effects are greatly minimized. The VOC module is sensitive to a wide range of VOCs, including benzene and toluene, though not propane, formaldehyde or low molecular weight alcohols. Just like a traditional analyzer using gas chromatography, this sensor-based VOC module can be field calibrated using standard calibration equipment and gases. This ensures direct traceability to USEPA (40 CFR Part 53) and EU (2008/50/EC) certified equivalent method instruments. In contrast to traditional analyzers using gas chromatography the VOC module is compact, lightweight and costs 5 x less to own and operate.

VOC Sampler

We all know that air is an indispensable part of our lives. The quality of air is affecting our body and mind, but the air is colorless and tasteless, we can't measure it with the eyes. At this time, we need an air tester to help us monitor the air quality.

Water Bath

Bio-Flair s Water Bath Shakers designed to meet different user re- querulents. These Shakers are ideal for industrial or laboratory appli- cations. Its direct drive mechanism eliminated belt-pulley method to make it accurate and maintenance free.

All wet parts are made of 304 SS and outer body is duly powder coated to make it rust-free. Temperature is controlled by microcontroller based digital tempera- ture controller to makes it accurate and user-friendly. Feedback drive provides high torque to shaker-drive for varying load operations.