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Cod 6 Hole Digester

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This laboratory & scientific instruments used for laboratory sterilization, clean room, microbiology, pathology, bio technology, pharmaceuticals, seed & soil testing, metallurgical, food processing, customized instruments.

Digital Colony Counter

Product Description
Our diverse range of Digital Colony Counter offered by us is of premium quality and is fabricated using quality raw material. With the assistance of our designers this instrument is specifically designed to count bacterial mold colonies in petri dishes. The counter is provided with a pen to mark each mold or bacteria detected, thus, avoiding double counting.

Apart from this, the digital counter also have clear display which help in detection of bacterial colony up to 4 digits. The light source in counter used is tube light which ensures glare free viewing of molds and bacteria.

Combined PUC Analyzer EMC1601

  • Designed to conform ISO39390 Standard
  • High end microcontroller technology
  • Made to suit Indian extreme voltage conditions
  • Improved interior design for easy service
  • Integrated self-check facility
  • Self diagnostic facility
  • Electronic leak check facility
  • Automatic pump control facility
  • Automatic zero calibration

Combo Sampler PM10, PM2.5 APS 500M

Product Description
Simultaneous sampling of PM10 and PM2.5 Particulates. Two-part cabinet ensures that PM2.5 filter remains close to ambient air temperature at all times. Low sampling rate of 1m3/hr. reduced filter choking even in areas of high PM concentration Critical Orifice maintains constant flow rate. Oil free pump requires very little maintenance. Induction motor driven pump is immune to voltage fluctuation.

Compression Testing Machine

Product Description
  • For determination of compression strength of cement by testing concrete cylinders, cubes etc.
  • With Microprocessor Based Digital Load Indicator. (AIC-MDLI-D10).
  • 0.01 KN Least Count.
  • Direct calculated reading in Kg/cm2andN/mm2 and also load display in kN.
  • Facility to store & print the results with Specimen ID, Surface Area, Weight, Batch ID and Concrete Grade.
  • RS232 facility to transfer the data from Indicator to Computer in Excel.
  • Four Pillar WELDED / NUT FITTED Loading Unit.
  • Piston (Ram) & Cylinders are duly Hard Chromed.
  • Platens are hard chromed.
  • Separate Pumping Unit with manual arrangement to adjust flow control.
  • Suitable to operate on 440 V, Three Phase & 50 Hz.

Conductivity/TDS Meter LMCM-20

  • Auto ranging for Conductivity and TDS
  • 3-point calibration
  • Help message on screen
  • Hold, Reset Function, Auto Off
  • Automatic temp. Compensation
  • Big LCD display