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Binocular Microscope

  • Sturdy & Robust Stand
  • Anti-Rust material
  • DIN Achromatic Objective
  • Articulated Rotatable Head
  • Double Layer Mechanical Stage
  • Coarse & Fine Focusing
  • Built in LED Illumination

Biosafety Cabinet

Product Description
Biolab Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Series is engineered specifically for laboratory operations that require user and product protection. Operates with a negative air pressure for personnel protection and HEPA filtered laminar airflow for product protection.

Suitable for microbiological and research applications that do not involve radioactive substances and toxic contaminants.Used in Biolab Biological Safety Cabinet Class II is widely used in microbiological work, research purposes in the field of genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, plant and animal cell culturing..

CES AVM-07 Anemometer

  • 0.5 (13mm) 4Digit LCD Display
  • Data Hold
  • Data Memory: 24 groups
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Optional RS-232 Communication (Advanced Software Program for all windows)

CES VB-8205 Anemometer

Product Description
  • Type: hot wire anemometer
  • Measures: m/s (meter/second), km/h (kilometers/hour), ft/min (feet/minute), mhp (miles per hour). Knots (nautical mph), air temperature. Air velocity
  • Range 0.10 - 25.0 m/s
  • Air velocity resolution 0.01 m/s
  • Air velocity accuracy (5% +0.1m/s)
  • Dimensions 198 x 78 x 51 mm

Clean Air Benches Horizontal S.S. Series

Product Description
All S.S. Clean Air Bench provides a HEPA filtered clean work area that is needed for operations requiring a particle-free, bacteria-free & clean air environment. A large 99.9% HEPA filter, disposable fiberglass pre-filters, high- capacity motor/blower maintains a uniform horizontal flow, leak- proof filter chamber, UV light for decontamination and bright Fluo- rescent light make an excellent work station.

CMD 300C

  • Electrochemical sensor element 4-20 mA output
  • Overload protected
  • Wide supply voltage range (18-28 Vdc)
  • Reverse polarity protected